EFSD Country Access Limits

Limits determine the maximum level of EFSD financing available to a member country;

  • Set by the EFSD Council in proportion to GNI per capita;
  • Include all forms of loans to country;
  • Subject to annual (more often if needed) revision by the EFSD Council based on the proposals of EFSD Manager;
  • Russia indicated that it will use its limit only to finance large-scale integration projects;

If needed, particularly in implementation of major projects, Member States decide to delegate part of its limit to another Member State of EFSD. As for the financial credit of Belarus the limit of Russia was partly transferred in favor of Belarus at the amount of $ 1.2 billion. For the financial credit of the Republic of Belarus has been transferred to the Russian part of the limit of the amount of 1.2 billion dollars.

Member country
As % to total amount of the Fund US$ million
Armenia 13 1106,69
Belarus 21 1787,73
Kazakhstan 24 2043,12
Kyrgyz Republic
3 255,39
Russia 37 3149,81
Tajikistan 2 170,26