Mission and resources

The EFSD's mission is to help member countries overcome the consequences of the global financial and economic crisis, to ensure their long-run economic stability and to foster economic integration among them.

Main Principles:

  • transparency at all stages of a project;
  • full accountability in the use of funds (the EFSD’s annual financial statements are prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards and verified by an independent auditor);
  • extensive disclosure of information on the Fund’s operations.


Fund resources include contributions to the Fund and interest on loans extended. Contributions to the EFSD currently add up to US$ 8.513 billion. 10 per cent of this amount was paid in cash (US dollars and/or Euros); and 90 per cent was paid in the form of simple, non-convertible, non-interest-bearing bills of exchange. If other countries accede to EFSD, the Fund’s resources may increase.

Armenia US$ 1 million
Belarus US$ 10 million
Kazakhstan US$ 1 billion
Kyrgyzstan US$ 1 million
Russia US$ 7.5 billion
Tajikistan US$ 1 million