Chief Economist Group

The Chief Economist Group realizes a number of tasks, including:  

  • organization and implementation of work on the analysis of regional and country macroeconomic trends in the area of operations of the Fund, including issues of economic growth, monetary policy, budget policy, debt sustainability, and structural reforms;
  • preparation and production of working papers available to general public;
  • development of the Fund's partnership in the field of analytical activities and implementation of joint analytical projects with international financial organizations and other institutional partners.

The Group is headed by the EFSD Chief Economist Evgeny Y. Vinokurov

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11 September 2019

EFSD Chief Economist made a presentation at Bruegel
EFSD Chief Economist Evgeny Vinokurov made a presentation at a high-level event organized by Bruegel. The Global Go to Think Tank Report rates Bruegel as the world’s think tank no.2 in international economics, no.1 in international economics in Europe, and no.4 in the world overall. The high-level seminar’s participants delivered in-depth analysis on the interactions of the EU, Russia, and China in trade, investments, finance, transportation, oil and gas, and electric power

EFSD Chief Economist made a presentation at Bruegel

16 August 2019

Caspian Economic Forum is More Useful Than It Might Seem
There are top-tier international forums which, by default, elicit high expectations from everyone; if there are no results, everybody is disappointed. On the other hand, some forums are met with scepticism from the very beginning. Directly or indirectly, such forums are accused of serving as a platform for empty political rhetoric and considered ill-suited for generating immediate, substantive results. However, over time, their value may turn out to be much greater than first expected. This could certainly be said of the Caspian Economic Forum.

Caspian Economic Forum is More Useful Than It Might Seem