Eurasian development bank as important source of investment - Avinyan

29 March 2021

According to the Armenian Deputy Prime Minister, the total value of projects implemented in the country with money allocated by EDB, amounts to US$ 200 million. Cooperation with the Eurasian Development Bank provides additional guarantees for the Armenian economy in terms of new investment opportunities and fiscal stability. This point was made by Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan during a video conference on evaluation of the EDB portfolio. Avinyan said that the total value of the Armenian and EDB's active project portfolio amounts to about US$ 200 million, and the average implementation ratio for the allocations actually made, reaches 68%. The size of funding provided for the projects, is not that large; yet the Deputy Prime Minister observes that the Eurasian Development Bank is one of Yerevan's most important business partners. During the videoconference the progress in implementation of several projects financed by EDB was discussed. In particular, the discussion focused on building of the "North-South" Road, modernization of the irrigation system in Armenia, construction of the Mastara Reservoir, and other programs.

Источник: Sputnik Armenia (IA, RA)