Toktogul HPP Rehabilitation in Kyrgyz Republic



Signed Investment credit

On 3 June 20154, the EFSD Council approved the Kyrgyz Republic’s preliminary application and blueprint for the Toktogul HPP Rehabilitation (Phase 3) investment project worth US $40 million.

The project envisages the replacement of Units 2 and 4, including the replacement and repair of auxiliary systems and plant equipment, of the Toktogul HPP in the Kyrgyz Republic. Toktogul HPP is the largest hydropower plant in the country and is part of the Toktogul cascade of hydroelectric power stations.

The Energy Sector Rehabilitation project is  divided into 3 phases. The first phase of Toktogul HPP rehabilitation project, currently financed by ADB, involves the replacement of the electrical mechanical equipment of the plant, including the replacement of generator circuit-breakers, exciter and regulation systems, 500 kW cable lines etc. The second phase of the rehabilitation involves the replacement of the second and fourth turbine-generator units with replacement/rehabilitation of auxiliary systems and powerhouse equipment. The third phase covers the replacement of the first and third turbine-generator units.

Expected outcomes of the project implementation:

  • Increase of Toktogul HPP capacity by 90 MW by 2019;
  • Improvement of Toktogul HPP continuous operation time from 80% in 2014 to 90% by 2019;
  • Improvement of the economic security and independence of the country from electricity imports;
  • Reduction of acute winter electricity shortages in the country;
  • Improvement of reliable and sustainable power supply to consumers; and
  • Growth of the export potential of the Kyrgyz Republic through exports of excess electricity to the ACF member states, improvement of the balance of payment of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Project documentation

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Appraisal on Application

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