Eurasian Fund for Stabilization and Development Procurement

To ensure that the financing allocated by the Fund is used as designated and cost-effectively, and the Projects achieve their maximum efficiency, in September 2018, the Resources Manager approved a new three-tier procurement system.

I. The Procurement Policy for EFSD-funded Projects replaced the previous revision of the policy to refine the procurement principles, the selection of procurement procedures for a project, and procurement information to be submitted by the Recipients for project review. The Policy sets out the main procurement principles for EFSD projects:

  • openness – making information about the procurement, rules and procedures accessible to all potential participants by publishing it in open sources;
  • reliability – ensuring that the procedures used conform to those specified in documents, providing timely information in the event of any changes, and addressing complaints;
  • competitiveness – giving priority to competitive procurement methods and ensuring that any eligible persons can take part;
  • conformance to project objectives – making procurement decisions proceeding from project objectives, taking into consideration the market situation, existing risks, and the complexity of procurement; and
  • accountability – ensuring that all procurement stages are documented, all parties to the procurement process are accountable for the decisions made, and all key aspects are agreed between the recipients and the Resources Manager.

II. The Procurement Procedures for EFSD-funded Projects set forth the rules and procedures to be followed by the recipients and participants in the procurement process. The Procedures were developed taking into account procurement approaches used by the leading international development organisations. The document breaks down the procurement process into stages:

  • procurement planning;
  • choosing the procurement method; and
  • implementing each procurement method.

For example, at the planning stage, a procurement strategy needs to be prepared proceeding from the characteristics of each project. If neither of the conventional procurement methods suits project objectives, a separate procurement mechanism may be developed for a project, subject to the Policy requirements.

III. The third tier of the procurement system, standard documentation, is a set of standard templates and forms included in the procurement documentation, as well as proposals to be submitted by participants. The EFSD standard documentation is under development and, until it is adopted, the documentation of other international organisations may be used.

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Special Procurement Notice

12 November 2019

Special Procurement Notice

12 November 2019

Special Procurement Notice

24 September 2019

Contract Award Notice

31 July 2019

Request for bids

4 July 2019

Contract Award Notice

18 June 2019

Invitation for bids

13 May 2019

Please take the following into consideration during your bid preparation
Invitation for bids

28 March 2019

Procurement of Mobile mammography unit for screening program  
Contract Award Notice

23 January 2019

Invitation for bids

26 November 2018

The Health project implementation unit, state agency now invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for Supply of Mobile mammography unit for screening program (Full-field digital Mammography System; Research data storage system and Platform for mammography unit, etc.).

Invitation for bids

7 November 2018

Republic of Armenia has received financing from the Eurasian Fund for Stabilization and Development (Anti-Crisis Fund) toward the cost of the Irrigation System Modernization Project (ISMP), and intends to apply part of the proceeds toward payments under the contracts for “Rehabilitation of the Gogt canal; left and right branches of the Kassakh irrigation system; Dvin canal; Artashat canal N49; Voskevaz main canal; left branch canal of Zeytun-Haktanak Stage 2 pumping station; left branch canal of Zeytun-Haktanak Stage 3 pumping station”, ISMP/ICB/CW-17/001-1 (Lot #1),  “Rehabilitation of the end-tail section of Mrgashat canal; Margara canal; Lower Hrazdan canal 2nd stage 5th branch; Hatsik 10 distributor; R-6 and R-4 distributors; MKH-3 and MKH-7 distributors of Talin main canal”, ISMP/ICB/CW-17/001-2 (Lot #2)  and  “Rehabilitation of the Sayat-Nova, Arbat and Shah -Arkh canals; outlet canals of Araks-Jrarat pump station and Aratashen pump station; Areg canal”, ISMP/ICB/CW-17/001-3 (Lot #3). These contracts will be jointly financed by the Eurasian Development Bank and Government of the Republic of Armenia.  Bidding process will be governed by the Eurasian Development Bank according to World Bank’s rules and procedures (Guidelines for “Procurement of goods, works, and non-consulting services under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits & Grants by World Bank Borrowers”, January 2011, revised as of July, 2014).